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Please note, the conspiracy post was getting huge, and growing every day, so I decided to move it to it own web site Please visit it and let me know what you think!

Since I created the web site I have created three more. The number of video links that I have collected far surpass what can be displayed on one web site, thus I have divided the video links between:

The first site is kind of a collecting point.  The is for the UFOlogist in all of us, and the  is for education.


I was looking at the crop circle videos again and marveled on how intricate they are. How can such designs be created and we don’t even know who, how and why? Of course UFOs are the first suspects. But what if you aren’t a UFO believer? Well, I decided that there were a lot of other things to worry about and moved onto 2012.

Good explanation on what 2012 is all about

As always I wanted some source that accumulated most of the information about 2012 in easy to understand chunks, all in one place and also seemed reputable. So the first video is quite long and is very well made, and has speakers from different scientific backgrounds and from different parts of the world.

The second video is a lot shorter, more corny, but if you can get past his humor is pretty targeted and informative. Well worth the 10 minutes of viewing.

All-in-all you should get a good overview of what all the controversy is around 11:11, December 21, 2012.

2012 Science or Superstition, length=1:18:39 2012 Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Age, length=10:00

What we should really be scared of

So now we know that some people think there is a mysterious planet called Nibiru and some don’t.  That some people think the ending of the Mayan calendar means the End-of-Times and some people believe that it means the entering of a new age.  That some people think the galactic Alignment of the Earth, Sun and the middle of the galaxy spells major doom, while others don’t.  That some people believe in a Pole Shift and the disruption of the magnetic field, and some don’t.

Speaking of Pole shift, did you know that an airport in Florida had to shut down so they can repaint the numbers on their runways because the magnetic pole has shifted so much (towards Russia) that the runways didn’t line up with the compass anymore!

Anyway, what I find interesting is what the REAL scientist are saying and what we REALLY aren’t hearing about and that is the Sun.  It appears the Sun has a Poles Shift every 11 years and when that happens there is a big increase of solar flare activity.  Sometimes it doesn’t affect us, but in 2012 it might effect us BIG TIME. Why, because:

  1. Our modern technology is MUCH more susceptible.  The scientist say the satellites could all be fried.  Can you imagine what that would do to our cell phones, TV programming, and the Internet.  Not to mention a small thing called our financial institutions.
  2. Scientist see this cycle having more extreme activity than cycles in the past.
  3. Weakening of our magnetic field around the Earth.
  4. And the scientist just found a hole in our magnetic field (shield) that is 4 times bigger than once suspected.

Below are some videos that explain the problem much better than I can:

Nasa Warns Of Super Solar Storm 2012, length=8:00 Michio Kaku: Massive solar flare in the years 2012/2013, length=5:00
Countdown to Doomsday – Solar Flares, length=8:00 Hole Found in the Earths Magnetic Field, length=9:00

What other people are saying:

The following video is by the History Channel. It is very well done and I think gives a good explanation of what we might expect if the solar activity is on the high side

Solar storm a serious threat around 2012, length=9:00

What NASA was saying

I love the narrators voice… he is so calm, even when he is explaining that we might be in real trouble if the solar flare activity is severe.

Nasa talks about solar storm in 2010-2011, length=5:00

Again, I love this guys calm voice. I hope he is around when we are all sitting in our basements wondering if it is safe to come out.

Does God Exist?

While looking at conspiracy videos I ran across some videos on Intelligent Design. Not really thinking to much about it, but wanting to have a break from conspiracy theories, I decided to watch them. They are really VERY well done and make you think twice about all the things we take for granite.

Existance of God

Intelligent Design: Unlocking the Mystery of Life.
This video is about how the scientific field of “Intelligent Design” started and what they have found over the last 20 years.  The video is very well done, length=1:07:06
Scientific Proof of God: The Case for a Creator.
This film is the product of an atheist’s struggle to explain what he sees around him.  The video is very well done, length=59:45

Crop Circles

OK, don’t tell me that two guys, stumbled out of a pub in Wilshire (England) with a stick and a rope tied to both ends and did the crop circles found in these videos.  I just won’t believe you!

Good overview of the phenomenon of crop circles, length=3:42 Nice video and I like the music, length=”5:16
A little more abstract.  Shows some of the geometric shapes the circles are patterned after, length=10:53


Human Rights & Conspiracy Theories

I have run across a lot more videos on human and animal rights violations.  I thought some readers might be interested in what rescue efforts are being attempted to save these people.  Hope to have these posted shortly.

The Day My God Died

Conspiracy Theories

While investigating the above videos I ran across a lot of conspiracy videos.   So many videos I decided to create a separate “mini” web site just for them.  Most of the videos are quite informative, once you can get past the conspiracy part.  I especially liked “Invisible Empire A New World Order Defined”,  “2012”,  “Esoteric Agenda” and “KYMATICA”.

Conspiracy Theories


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